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Welcome to sms4real.com
We are provider of bulksms services for personal and corporate use worldwide. Depending on your needs, our redundant sms gateways are available 24x7 to support you in meeting your needs.
sms4real.com Supported Features
We support the following features
     *      1071 Concatenated/Long SMS
     *      Dynamic Sender/Originator
     *      Use of Addressbook to send large numbers of SMS
     *      Use of Scheduled/Delayed Message
     *      Weekly Account Balance Report
     *      Messagelogs
     *      3 Free SMS on Registration
     *      10 Free SMS for every 1st purchase of the month Jan till March, 30th 2010
sms4real.com coverage
We cover major GSM operators in Nigeria and 160 operators worldwide.To further increase our network coverage, arrangements are being made to have direct connections with CDMA operators in Nigeria.
sms4real.com Users
Our Services are useful to the following group/persons/companies
     *      Commercial Banks/Financial Institutions
     *      Church Activities and Events
     *      Security Organizations/Emergency Alert Systems(EAS)
     *      Traffic/Vehicle Monitoring
     *      Interpersonal Communications and Team building
     *      Mobile Communication/Advertising/Marketing
     *      Schools, colleges, Universities and many more